Pergola Wave is an extraordinary pergola that comes with a hand-adjustable canopy so you can easily adjust the amount of shade or sunlight you are exposed to. Its design combines elegance with durability, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

This model stands out for its delicate design, which contrasts beautifully with the robust aluminium structure. The wavy fabric not only enhances its aesthetics, but also provides effective protection from both rain and sunlight. It is the ideal option for anyone who wants to create a comfortable, practical and stylish outdoor space.

To enhance the look of your Pergola Wave, you can opt for a lacquer that mimics the look of wood. This will give your pergola a unique look, similar to the wooden canopies from which the original design was inspired.

Tech-protect fabric

Controlled manually

Resistant to wind, 50 km/h

Modern design