The changes made to this model have made it more functional and visually appealing. By minimizing the number of screw connections, the terrace covering has a modern look that is easy on the eyes. A distinctive feature that undoubtedly adds to its utility and design is the integrated roller shutter system within the terrace covering’s frame. As a result, the design has a minimalist, cubic shape. Additionally, this solution makes the terrace covering’s combination of screen roller and glazing look much more elegant, as there is no need for a separate ZIP cassette protruding beyond the structure’s outline.

The model also includes modifications to the water drainage system from the slats, introducing more advanced solutions to reduce droplet splashing and prevent water from getting under the covering. It has been sealed to ensure that the drainage is invisible, thanks to special surfaces that trap droplets in the slats. These changes significantly enhance user comfort and make the terrace covering more resistant to changing weather conditions.

Slats rotatable through 135 degrees.

Automatically controlled canopy.

Modular connection.

Wind resistant structure up to 160 km/h.

Integrated screen roller shutter.

Patented drainage system.

Robust aluminium construction.